the right tools used by the right people to do anything they can

MA TECH DIGITAL connects Startups from INDIA, EUROPE, USA and BRAZIL with a result of excellence and high performance in digital solutions.

An exceptional team of Developers, System Analyst, Digital Designers, Digital Marketing Consultants. All Graduates in the best Universities of the world, with Global vision and experience of the specialization in their functions.

Be it IOS, ANDROID, Web Portals, amazing PROFESSIONAL, PERFORMATIONAL and SECURE platforms developed in NATIVE code.

IOS Development

We use modern programming languages, such as Swift and Objective-C, and proven technologies and approaches that allow us to easily scale and scale our products.

Design UI / UX

We offer prototypes, branding, UI and UX design for web and mobile products. Our approach is simple: we focus on how real people will use our products.

Android Development

We've developed Android apps in Java and Kotlin. Given the wide range of devices capable of running Android, we can create apps for everything from smartwatches to smart TVs.


Wesley Adorno

Diretor Comercial, Founder

Thiago Alecsander


Lazar Savarinadin


Marcos Paulo

Production Manager

MA Tech Digital Code

It is easy to escape the challenges and it is very convenient to blame the restrictions. But that's not how we roll. We decided long ago that complacency was simply not in our DNA, so we developed what we like to call the sim culture. While others run for safety, we jump into the fire. We take on the most complex projects in the world and deliver them on time and on budget. From what we can remember, we challenge expectations and embrace the unsurpassed, and we are still warming ourselves. So bring us the impossible and let the simple for all the others. You will meet us at the front polishing the corners of the bleeding edge.

We like to do things. We like to solve problems, twist them into ideas and develop them into solutions. We work with legal clients doing important things, and we do not want them any other way. When you believe in what you build, most other pieces seem to be in the right place. You attract all the right people and they bring pride and ownership in everything they do. We strongly believe in our clients and if you take a good look at our work you will see this belief reflected everywhere.

We are not numbers here, and this is not the matrix. We are a family and our clients here are everything. Our staff is empowered by empowerment and each of us has sleeves rolled up at our elbows. Here comradeship is currency and commitment is everything. Our union is the vital force that runs through this place, and our mutual dedication is the fuel that drives us through dawns and great challenges ..

Success here is as much about trust as about technology. And trust begins with happy customers. Keeping our customers happy is not a box that we set a generic list of responsibilities, it's the driving force behind everything we do. This business is ruled by reputation, and we will win on service every moment. We are drivers and catalysts - our clients seek us for guidance and seek leadership. Their success is ours, and their trust is a privilege we carry with honor..

This industry favors the fleet and we move faster than anyone. Our speed begins at the first stage of customer engagement and accelerates throughout the process. While others wait for the paint to dry in a proposal, we are already delving deeper into prototyping. Time is a luxury, but for our customers it is rarely an option. For this reason, we have developed the MA Tech Way - a development framework that keeps our processes lean, our projects effective, and our agency working.

There is something very effective about the mindset of a startup. Often we have seen successful organizations become swollen and slow, more preoccupied with appearance and hierarchy than with clients and creativity. Not us. We refuse to succumb to this space. We fundamentally believe that you need structured chaos to do anything worthwhile, and that is exactly what you will find here. You will not meet many experienced vendors or attend planning meetings to discuss other meetings. We build fast, learn quickly and evolve daily. Why would we change that?

In this industry, complacency is the villain, and death usually occurs through stagnation. The world moves quickly and it is very easy to fall into the familiar and embrace the expected. But what fun would that be? We are entering a new era in technology and it will be incredible. The refrigerators are talking to the clocks, the cars are talking to the road and everything is becoming more and more digital. Our geek people about these things. They dream awake in pixels, obsessed with technology and fall asleep with new ideas still running in their heads.

Walls are not welcome here. That simple. Walls make us smaller. Less effective. More predictable. Few pioneers are left in this industry, but we are determined to remain among them. We are in search of greatness, and this requires that our own trail be set afire. We will refuse to accept a label or follow the path of conformity that others have placed before us. What we are building here simply does not exist anywhere else. It's time to give the big boys a chance for money.